Course Structure

Course structure:

Approved categories: B1.1 and B2

  • Approved categories: B1.1 and B2
  • Approved strength: 30 students each
  • Training hours allocated in each semester: 480 hours
  • Total number of semesters: 5

Total hours allocated for the training:

  • Theory: 1440 Hours
  • College Practicals: 632 Hours
  • Practicals at Air India: 328 Hours
  • Total Hours: 2400 Hours

Duration: 5 semesters (2½ years)


As per current CAR 66 published by DGCA (Refer DGCA/Rules/Civil Aviation Requirements/ section 2/ Series L - CAR 66)

College Practicals: 632 Hours

  • First semester: 156 Hours
  • Second semester: 148 Hours
  • Third semester: 140 Hours
  • Fourth semester: 106 Hours
  • Fifth semester: 82 Hours

Practicals at Air India: 328 Hours

  • First semester: 24 Hours
  • Second semester: 32 Hours
  • Third semester: 40 Hours
  • Fourth semester: 104 Hours
  • Fifth semester: 128 Hours

Training facilities

  • No of aircraft for practical training: 06
  • No of mock-ups: 12
  • Sectioned engines: 02
  • No of equipment for practicals:24

Training facilities

Names of the Organisation Place Practical training
Best Heat Treatment Services Limited Coimbatore Various Heat treatment processes


Appointment Name Technical Qualification Aviation experience
Training Manager Mr Ramesh Babu.A BE, BAMEL(ES) 31 years
Dy Training Manager (approval awaited) Mr Ravichandran S BE 38 years
Quality Manager Mr Viswanathan V BE, BAMEL (HA & JE) 29 years
Dy Quality Manager (approval awaited) Mr Paramananthan S BE, Modules 9 & 10 36 Years
Examination Manager Mr Ravindran. K BE, BAMEL (HA & RA) 32 Years
Senior Instructor Mr Hati DME, BAMEL (HA) 28 Years
Instructor Mrs. Durga Santhi. D AME C of C BAMEL(RN) 05 Years
Senior Instructor Mr Sivakumar S BE, Modules 3,6,7& 8 30 Years
Senior Instructor Mr. Unnikrishnan.K BE, Module 3,6,7,8,9 &10 34 Years
Senior Instructor Mrs Annapoorani V DEEE 18 Years
Senior Instructor Mr. Surendranath K BE 30 Years
Senior Instructor Mr. Moorthy M BE 30 Years
Senior Instructor Mr. Susai Paul Raj.V BE 34½ Years
Senior Instructor Mr.Ramchandran AG DME 25 Years
Senior Instructor Mr.Damodharaswamy C DME 28 Years
Senior Instructor Mr. Selvakumar A BE 22 Years
Senior Instructor Mrs. Hemalatha DME 16 Years
Senior Instructor Mr Dakshinamoorthy K BE 19 Years
Senior Instructor Mrs Alamelumangai ME 13 Years
Instructor (practical) Mr Smijeev PV AME C of C 20 Years
Instructor (practical) Mr Rajeev Kumar Pillai Diploma in Electronics 24 Years
Instructor (practical) Natesan TS AME C of C 03 Years
Instructor (practical) Hariharan BE 02 Years

DGCA Approval