Aircraft Maintenance Engineering - Duration 3 years

Mechanical stream (Aeroplane and power plant)

  • HA - Heavy Aeroplane
  • LA - Light
  • JE - Jet Engine
  • PE - Piston Engine

Mechanical stream (Helicopter and power plant)

  • Helicopter
  • JE - Jet Engine
  • PE - Piston Engine
  • RA - Rotor Aircraft

Avionics Stream

  • Instrument System
  • Radio Navigation
  • Electrical System

Roles / Scope

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME) are primarily responsible for keeping the Aircraft in an airworthy condition and issue certificate of airworthiness before the take –off. Airworthiness of such vital components is being certified by Aircraft Maintenance Engineer holdings AME Licences in the respective trades.

The aviation industry is growing up in India and abroad at a steady pace. There are many opportunities available for AME Licence holders in Aviation industry in India and abroad. Currently, our students are employed by HAL, public and private sector companies in India, as well as other companies such as Singapore Airlines, Air India, Jet Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, etc. However, most students go on to do further studies and take up specialisations in their areas of interest in the field of Aviation.

AME license holders are in good demand as the Aviation industry has been expanding rapidly in India and abroad. Many new airlines have started operations and the civil aviation field has seen a number of new aircraft joining the fleets every month which has resulted in a large number of vacancies for aircraft technicians and engineers. Singapore Airlines has been conducting campus interviews at our Academy and successful candidates are being employed in Singapore from 2007 onwards. Most of our ex-students are well placed in the public sector and private Airlines such as Air India, Indigo, Go Air, Air Pegasus, Jet Airways, Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airways and all other Aircraft owning companies. The Academy assures placements for those who pass their Paper 1 and Paper 2 DGCA exams during their course duration.

Above all, the student must be determined and motivated to take up any amount challenges involved in the Aviation industry, grooming himself / herself to being a disciplined, well mannered and smart human being to becoming a highly skilled and dedicated aircraft maintenance engineer.