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MBA, PhD. - CEO & Secretary - Nehru group of Institutions

ADV Dr Krishnadas

Message From CEO & Secretary

It is my proud privilege to introduce the large group of pioneering educational institutions popularly known as the 'Nehru Group of Institutions' owing its origin to the southernmost part of peninsular India. Higher education is a part of socio-economic system and has a strong and direct bearing on the economic, social, political and cultural developments of the nation. I would like to quote the golden words of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru “If everything is well with universities in the country, then everything will be well with this nation”.

Nehru Group of Institutions with well conceived vision and missionary efforts is ardent and aggressive on the pursuit of fulfilling the aspirations and expectations of the universally recognized and reputed personality. The group is consistently and constantly endeavoring to equip its students with the required to shine in their lives as employees or entrepreneurs.

The well wishes and support of the students and parents is our strength and we would welcome you all to become partakers of this highly resourceful learning environment for an enduring and mutually sharing and benefitting career.

"Your Foot Prints on our Premises is our Prosperity.